About Us

About us

We are a small 501c3 NO KILL Foster home based rescue and are publicly funded. Definition of rescue: to save from a dangerous or distressing situation, but our first and foremost objective is to help keep the kitty in his or her home, if at all possible.  Many cats and kittens we get in require physical or behavioral assistance, which we provide, and we can only do this with your help.   As in other rescues, most of our cats and kittens are evaluated by phenotype and placed on line as close to the breed/type that is possible.  When a purebred is available, the write up will indicate that the animal is purebred.  Very seldom do we have the genotype of an animal and when we do have papers, we destroy them to prevent the resale of a pet.  Our group only exists with your support, so please consider us when you wish to donate.  Donations may be made directly to us via mail or via PayPal, Amazon Smile, or in cash.  If you wish to help with fostering or assisting in other ways, please contact us; Because we are classified as a charity, we cannot give refunds for any reason, so please do not adopt a cat with the intention of trying it out and then returning it for a refund.

 Our cats and kittens are usually turned over to us by individuals. We cannot take cats who are positive for feline leukemia and any cats who come in are tested by either snap, saliva, tear or elisa.  

 Please understand  that all our staff are unpaid volunteers who hold other jobs.  We do our best to answer questions, make appointments to meet, and answer communications by  email as phone calls at work result in problems for our volunteers. 

Texas Exotic Cat Rescue specializes in cats who appear to have some wild heritage, such as BengalsChausies, Sokokes, and Savannahs, including derived breeds and mixes of those, and some others such as the Pixie Bobs and Ocicats who just look like a wild cats.  Often these cats  need slightly different care than other cats, perhaps requiring more personal territory and exercise than the average house cat, so we may not have as many cats in our rescue than other shelters.  Expect that a cat or a kitten in our rescue not be a purebred animal unless specifically written into the individual cat's write-up.  In rescue we can only go by phenotype and what we may know from a previous owner or shelter.  If you are seeking a purebred cat, we suggest that you attend a few cat shows and select from a breeder involved in showing his cats.  This way the association is currently monitoring the breeder's cats. We can take cats or kittens on a space-available basis.  Please email us if you have a cat or kitten to relinquish at txecr11@gmail.com.  

We do not take in sick cats.  If your animal is sick we will do all we can to work with you until he or she is well enough to be transferred into our care.  There may be a drop off fee, depending on the time of year, age, and type of cat or kitten you wish to give us.  If you are interested in giving up a cat or kittens, you must show proof that they do not carry feline leukemia.  For a litter of kittens, either the mother or one of the kittens may be tested.  We do not have foster homes for positive cats and cannot keep them.


Small kittens, like human babies, require supervision and constant companionship.  Applicants interested in taking home two kittens will take precedence over someone wanting only one.  We make every effort to ensure the happiness and well-being of the kitten.  Most kittens under three pounds will go to homes without small children.


We adopt to persons in the continental United States. and we do not ship cats, nor will we provide transport, nor will we allow cats to be transported on multi-animal or multi-leg transports.  The adopter must come and pick up the cat and accompany it home.  


Are  as stated in the kitty's write-up or on special as advertised.  In the unusual circumstance that we may take a down payment on a cat or kitten, the animal must be picked up on the date originally arranged unless otherwise advised by TXECR.  If the animal is not taken at that time the deposit will be forfeited and the cat or kitten will then be available for adoption to be adopted to another party.

Our cats and kittens are fostered in private homes.  It is important to us that no foster is over-burdened and that no cat feels overcrowded, so the number of animals we keep is limited.    Our fosters are not contacts for our group nor do they participate in an adoption process. Some of our cats or kittens may be on display at local stores or veterinary offices.  Although they may be visited during regular business hours, please do not expect the business employees to be able to answer questions about the cat or open locked cages for you.  


 We do not condone or allow declawing of any of our cats. We also will not allow laser surgery which cuts the tendon to the claw so the cat cannot extend the claw.  This causes the cat to be unable to shed the claws when they become too long and clipping is nearly impossible because the claw can no longer be 'popped' out for a clip.  Claws of these cats will grow into the pad of the foot.  For more information see http://www.declawing.com/

Contact Us

All contact is via email at txecr11@gmail.com

Our snail-mail address is:

PO Box 212

Hutchins, TX 75141

Texas Bengal and Exotic Cat Rescue

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