Adoption Application

Please copy and paste the following questions, with your answers, into an email and send them to

For your application to be approved, you must answer all questions and not delete any. Incomplete applications will be filed but not processed until all the information is sent. Applications that have questions deleted will not be approved. Please be certain that the email address you provide or are using is set to receive a reply to this application. It will be the only reply you will get regarding it. By applying you are in agreement to the terms of the adoption contract directly below the application.

Have you ever adopted from a shelter or rescue before?

If so, which one?

Which cat or kitten were you interested in?

Your Name


Number of hours you work or are away from home per week?

Number of hours this pet will be without human supervision per day.

Marrital status

Spouse's name

Spouse's occupation

Your Age

Will this pet be for you or someone else?

Someone else, give your relationship with the person and their age.

Your Address

City, State, zip


alternate phone

email address

place of work

Are you a citizen of the United States?

If not, which country are you a citizen?

Are you or your spouse in the military?

Do you attend school? If so which one?

Full time?

Part time?

If you are a student and live temporarily away from home, give your "home" address, ie, your parents names, address and contact information.

Do you rent, own, or live with someone else?

Length of time at present address

If less than six months, give previous address

If a student, are you in a dorm or university apartments?

Landlord's name and phone number:

Number of persons in your home and ages.

Is anyone in your home allergic to cats or otherwise immune compromised?

Is everyone in your family on board with getting this cat/kitten?

Is there anyone in your home who does not like cats?

Are there any feline behaviours that you find unacceptable?

If this cat is found to have any unacceptable behaviours, how do you plan on dealing with them?

What personality/behaviors are you seeking in a cat/kitten?

Have you ever owned a cat before?

If so, do you still have this cat?

If not, what happened to it?

Do you have other pets or are there other pets in your home?

What kind?

Please list by name and give the kind of animal they are and if they are indoor or out door and whether the animal has previously been around a cat or kitten in their own environment and how they react. Please also state whether each animal you currently have is spayed or neutered.

If you currently have a cat, is he or she declawed? Was your previous cat declawed?

Are there any cats that this cat may come into contact with that may have FIV or FeLV? (Feline Aides or Feline Leukemia)

Is your current cat is fully immunized with the four main feline vaccines, panleukemia (feline parvo), calici (feline flu), rhinotrachaeitis (feline herpes) and rabies?

Are you looking for an indoor cat or an out door cat?

Does your home have a pet door?

If outdoor or in/out, how do you plan on keeping this cat from wandering off?

Will you declaw?

If this cat scratches your furniture, how will you fix the problem?

Give three references, one of which must be a licensed, practicing veterinarian. Do not give personal references such as friends or relatives, but rather give persons who can vouch for your level of responsibility, such as a professor, a boss, co-worker or clergyman, etc..

Copy and Email this entire application to:

Return of this email complete with three references gives Texas Exotic Cat Rescue permission to contact your references about how you care for animals. It further gives your veterinarian permission to release to TxECR any vet work he/she has done for your animals. TXECR reserves the right to refuse an adoption to anyone at any time during the adoption process. In sending this to, I hereby agree to the terms of the following contract.

Adoption Agreement

By filling out our adoption application, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in our Adoption Agreement. Click below to read the Agreement.