1.  Under no circumstances will this animal be sold, leased or given away to any pet shop, pound, research laboratory or similar facility. If the animal must be given up, TXECR must be notified and have first refusal. Any cat adopted from this rescue will be taken the back, however there will be no refund given for the animal as the adoption 'fee' is a donation to a charity.
  2.   This cat/kitten will be kept indoors, on a leash, or in a cat-safe enclosure and will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or weather. This animal will not be allowed to roam freely outside. THIS CAT WILL NOT BE DECLAWED.
  3.  This cat/kitten is being adopted as a pet and will be owned by the person named in the approved application and may not be resold or re-homed without written permission from TXBECR.
  4.  All adopted pets not yet spayed/neutered must be altered (castrate or spay) before the age of 6 months and proof of this must be sent to the address given within this time limit. Adopter further agrees that this animal will not be used for stud or breeding. I further understand that this animal may or may not be of any specific breed or mix of such breeds.
  5.  I understand that although this animal has been in a protected environment, there is the possibility of unrecognized illness appearing after an adoption is finalized, especially because of the stress the animal may experience during the first few days at its new home. The rescuer advises adopters of the animal’s known history and provide its medical records, but frequently we know only what the animal chooses to tell us. We cannot make any guarantee regarding the long-term health of any animal and therefore we are not responsible for any vet costs incurred after this animal leaves our care.
  6.  The rescue agrees that if this animal should die or must be euthanized within 48 hours of adoption, the animal will be replaced only if the rest of this contract has been adhered to and all euthanizations must be approved by a board member or our veterinarian. A veterinary statement must accompany any such request including cause of death. Accidental deaths are not covered by this guarantee and this includes drowning, crushing, attack by another animal or human, death due to fire or smoke, freezing, suffocating, and poisoning or other act of cruelty. Death from flea products or other products not specifically designed for kittens will be considered poisoning. If this animal is found to be mistreated or declawed after adoption, adopter agrees to surrender said animal to the above named rescue unconditionally.  There are no refunds.
  7.  If another animal is adopted by the same party at a later date, or if the above animal is replaced for any reason, the name of the new animal will be added to this contract and no further contract will be necessary as this one will remain binding for all animals owned by the person stated above and signed below or agreed to by e contract and adopted from this rescue.
  8.  It is advised that the adopter has said animal examined by a qualified veterinarian and the adopter is encouraged to sign up for the PetFIrst insurance plan available with this pet at Petfinder.com. The adoption agency is not responsible for medical conditions.
  9.  The adopter's current cats must have had and are up-to-date on their yearly (fvcrpc & rabies) vaccinations.This cat will never receive the following vaccinations: feline leukemia, feline aids, or FIP without express written consent of TXECR.
  10.  The adopter agrees not to hold the adoption agency/rescue responsible for any illness, disease or charges for treatment of the animal nor for any damages for which the animal may do to any person or property. The rescue named above will not be responsible for any debts or charges incurred for veterinary services or private veterinarians for the adopted animal.